Wood Court Restaurant, Fabbrica di Pedavena

in the heart of Parco delle Groane

Wood Court Restaurant | Fabbrica di Pedavena, Parco della Groane, Cesate (MI)

project: INS Ilaria Nava Studio

material: Western Red Cedar FJ cladding, Ipè deckingwith concealed milling

installation: Bruedil S.r.l.

photo: Nicolò Galeazzi | Atelier XYZ

nature and contemporary architecture create a unique setting

The WOOD COURT RESTAURANT | Fabbrica di Pedavena was designed by INS Ilaria Nava Studio. It’s located in the heart of Parco delle Groane, a natural area in Milan’s hinterland where locals can go hiking and enjoy various services.

The building’s contemporary architecture and the untouched nature create a unique and unforgettable setting.

wood helps the building integrate into its surroundings

Wood to better integrate the building into its surroundings.

The cladding was made using Western Red Cedar – Finger-Joint, which provides movement and dynamism thanks to its colour shading.The outdoor flooring was made using Ipè with concealed milling.