Ipè is the best wood decking material on the market. It stands out for its elegance, warm shades, and smooth surface, adapting to any project.
It’s also a highly durable wood.

il legno per esterni più diffuso al mondo


colour: from brown to olive green.

characteristics: it’s one of the hardest, heaviest, and densest wood on the market. It resists fire, fungi, insects, and weather agents. Long-lasting and stable, thanks to its unique and resistant texture.

intended use: : it can be used for private and residential floorings subjected to high foot traffic, even in a marine environment. On walls, it can be used for louvre systems and architectural profiles.

certifications: with FSC® certification subject to availability. When used as decking, Cfl-s1 reaction to fire (UNE EN 13501-1).
Possible CE marking (EN 1481-1:2005+A1:2011) for structural use and feasibility check with Ravaioli’s technical department.

it stands out for its warm and elegant shades