Garapa, the elegance of wood with a distinct identity, evoking cosiness and familiarity. A classy choice for settings that want to be appreciated for their appearance and usability. The oiling treatment enhances its natural appearance and the warmth of its shades.

eleganza, identità e riconoscibilità


colour: light yellow.

characteristics: stability and weather resistance. We recommend always oiling the wood before installation. Dark spots may appear on the surface of the boards if they come into contact with water or moisture before oiling.

intended use: for private and residential floorings subjected to high to medium foot traffic, even in a marine environment. It’s suitable for cladding with smooth and ribbed-like deck boards, QuickSun louvre systems, and architectural profiles.

certifications: with FSC® certification subject to availability. When used as decking, Cfl-s1 reaction to fire (UNE EN 13501-1).

oiling enhances the warmth of its shades