Abodo® is a technological and carbon-neutral product. It’s heat-treated lamellar Radiata Pine originating from New Zealand. It’s perfect for wall claddings, outdoor blinds and shading screens, ceiling coverings, and decorative architectural profiles.

permette la realizzazione di profili molto lunghi


colour: warm shades of brown.

characteristics: after the thermal treatment, the material is selected and cut into sheets with the grain on the visible side. After glueing, the resulting board is free from mottles, and the joints between the strip tiles are not visible. These processes make the material more homogeneous, harmonious, and even beautiful, given the continuous grain on the visible side. Even its characteristics are improved. The result is a highly stable material suitable for making long profiles with a centre distance of up to 3 m of width.

intended use: Abodo® is ideal for cladding and making ceiling coverings with ribbed-like deck boards, interior wall panellings, QuickSun louvre systems, and architectural profiles.

warranty: 15 years

certifications: product with EPD and FSC® certifications. The raw material used for its production is Radiata Pine grown in New Zealand forests managed according to FSC® criteria.

technological and carbon-neutral product

foto © Abodo®