interior wall panelling

Elegance is the foundation of interior design, where furniture becomes more than a lifestyle. Ravaioli‘s wall panelling embodies peace of mind, strength, aesthetics, and innovative lines. You’ll no longer be able to live without it.

Comb-shaped Matchboard profiles

Comb-shaped matchboard profiles can be made with softer hardwood species and are suitable exclusively for interiors.

a story that will never leave you

Ravaioli Legnami’s wall panelling is a discreet presence in our spaces. It’s like a beautiful dress that elegantly adapts to any design.

Imagination and design freedom give life to beautiful cladding that hints at woods and forests, where body and mind are safe and free to move.


We’ve added sustainable and certified products to our range, such as resinous wood (Pine or Ash wood), which undergoes heat treatment and hi-tech industrial processes to improve its technical characteristics and make it similar to the best exotic timber in terms of performance and durability.

Exotic wood is traditionally used for decking as it stands out for its technical performance. When possible, the exotic wood we provide comes with all the certifications required to prove its origin.

an incredibly refined outfit